Roadmap of DexWallet Ecosystem

July-August 2022
Team Making
System Analysis and Design
September-October 2022 -
Community Buildup
Website Launch
Mobile App Development
BSC Sidechain Development
Staking & Farming
NFT marketplace
November-December 2022-
App Release on Google Play store
BSC Side Chain Deployment
Bridge and Dex Trading
Pinksale KYC,SAFU,Audit
Pinksale fair launch & PancakeSwap Listing
CG & CMC Listing
January - February 2023
Apple App-store release
CEX Listing
Fairlaunch of $DWR
$DWR CMC & CG Listing
$DWR CEX Listing
NFT's Sales
Releasing DRacing Game (Android & iOS)
DEX Trading with DWT token
$DWT Certik Audit
$DWR Certik Audit
March - April 2023
$DWR huge maketing
Releasing DRacing game to Playstore
Releasing DRacing game to Appstore
Browser Wallet Extension
Releasing Web version of DRacing
May - June 2023
Continue DexWallet Ecosystem Development
Marketing of DexWallet Ecosystem
** more is coming
Coming more information about roadmap